Four Most Expensive Villas in Bali

Staying at expensive villas is not a big deal for people who have good economic conditions. Comfort and completeness of the facilities are the main things in priority. They will pay any cost to get a place that is comfortable and in accordance with their dreams.

Four Most Expensive Villas in Bali

Many expensive Bali villas can be found in various tourist attractions. The price of staying for one night reaches ten million rupiahs. Are you curious? Here are the four most expensive villas in Bali.

1. Luna 2 Private Hotel

Luna2 Private Hotel is a private beachfront villa with five-star facilities. The location is in Seminyak Bali. This villa has a very cool retro theme. You can enjoy a very beautiful view of the beach and the Indian Ocean sunset.

The villa’s luxurious facilities include a wine cellar, express coffee machine, butler, barman, free babysitting, event management services, and free access to the Canggu Club for guests. The price for a single stay at this villa starts at 45 million/night.

2. The Edge

The Edge is one of the luxuries Bali villas located on the edge of a cliff in Uluwatu. This 10 bedrooms villa offers stunning sea views from the top of the Island of the Gods. The facilities provided are also very modern, such as a world-class cinema room, fully equipped study room, lounge, rooftop bar, gym, children’s playroom, and an infinity pool.

The cost to spend the night in this villa is approximately 45 million / night. It’s quite fantastic value to stay in a villa. But this is comparable to the luxurious facilities they provide. Truly a dream villa!

3. The Ketapang Estate

This villa is the epitome of exclusivity and beach sophistication in the beautiful Tabanan region of Bali. This Ketapang Estate consists of 7 bedrooms. Beautiful sea views are your treat every day if you stay at this villa.

An unusual feature of this villa is that it has its own helipad. In addition, this villa also provides an Olympic-sized swimming pool, private cinema, tennis court, and a serene spa pavilion. Therefore, it is not surprising that the cost of staying at this villa can reach 50 million / night.

4. Gajah Putih Villa

Gajah Putih Villa is a private villa in Canggu surrounded by beautiful gardens and coconut forests overlooking the golden sands of the Indian Ocean. There are also a tennis court and a large private swimming pool. The cost to stay at this villa starts at 90 million/night.

Those are the four most expensive Bali villas which are full of the best and most modern facilities. For those of you who want to find a Villa in Bali, you can look for it at Bali Villas R Us. There are many choices of villas from the cheapest to the most expensive.

By Drajad